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The feminine form of the unisex name Lesley/Leslie
The EY implies female
No, my name is Lesley, because I'm a girl.
by lelliesandremains November 25, 2006
Denver, Colorado.
Denver, and Colorado in general, is a large black hole (hence the lack of oxygen in the air), and once you've lived there long enough, you can never truly get away.
Those who move away usually end up coming back in 1-3 years, despite themselves.

*Denver has the highest alchohol consumption rate in the USA. Or something along those lines. We're all too wasted to remember exactly.
Sally, I thought you moved to the East Coast? Back in Denvoid already, eh? Let's go get some beer.
by lelliesandremains November 22, 2006
Longmont, Colorado
The armpit of Boulder, Colorado
There is a gigantic food processing plant & little to do.
It doesn't smell as bad as Greeley, a college town North of the area with lots of processing plants & farms.

Person 1)ugh. What's that smell?
Person 2)Oh, we've entered Wrongmont.
by lelliesandremains November 25, 2006
Longmont, Colorado

Boulder's smellier neighbour. (due to turkey processing plants)
Lots of people who grew up in the Boulder area had to move there because Boulder got way too expensive over-night.
Hooray inflation!
Yep, we're back in the armpit of boulder, it smells.
by lelliesandremains November 25, 2006
Longmont, Colorado
A derogetory term for Longmont. It has nothing to do with the size of the men who live here's penises.
Ugh. I live in Schlongmont.
by lelliesandremains November 25, 2006
Shortened form of the name "Lesley"
There Lelly goes again, talking about music no one cares about anymore
by lelliesandremains November 21, 2006
The nicest nickname for Longmont, Colorado
Also, el-town.
No, I'm not from Boulder, it's too expensive.
I live in L-town.
by lelliesandremains November 25, 2006
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