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Same as biotch but really reeally strunnngg ooouuuuttt... and i hadn't seen that spelling yet....
That is one phat beee-yotch, y'uns.
by Leif April 04, 2005
(n) Sensation one gets the morning after eating ethnic food containing hot peppers, especially Jalepeños. The feeling is felt from the anus about 2 inches up the rectum.
Dude 1:Whew... that was some good chow from the Messican Joint on Harry Hines.
Dude 2: Yeah, but after eating 14 armadillo eggs, I'm gonna have fire in the hole tomorrow morning.
by Leif April 06, 2005
Used when you have style in doing things. Pro-ness, a mixture between prowess and profesional.
We parked our car in the tightest spot. I have proness
by leif April 22, 2004
Across the street neighbor of the beast - since addresses are even on one side and odd on the other.
Yo, Franklin is at 667, but the dude across the street lives in a hell hole!
by Leif February 21, 2005
Short for grocery store. Grocery store, or supermarket can be so cumbersome, so say it shorter.
Hey hun, I'm goin' to the gro, anything you want?
by Leif June 22, 2005
Just another word for stuff, shit, junk, collection, what have you. Used sometimes with CDs of fave music.
Sometimes, my brother and I trade music jönx cds.

Would you get out of the way and jönx?

We gotta have a garage sale to get rid of this jönx.
by Leif April 21, 2005
An owner of an American pick up truck, often a devout Christian, who thinks global warming is a farce.

Owner of several guns.

Often found in wedding chapels with own sister/mother

An urban redneck
that "truck-fuck" married his sister

Jamie-Steve is a complete "truck-fuck"
by leif November 23, 2004

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