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A fast running stream that runs blood since the Asexual Purple Trolls Of Gratirigarth slayed innocent bards who were working on the on the top secret project of Zarganzig's Castle in 1643. Now a UNESCO world heritage site, that cannot be accessed because of secret government projects taking place there.
"Have you been to see the new UNESCO world heritage site at Whiiple Creek, near Zarganzig's castle 34 degrees Northwest of modern day Cyprus, the site of a horrific and truly traggic troll-related massacre of innocent bards in 1643?"

by legendteller1643 August 01, 2007
A mystical castle keep of folklore and legend. Guarded by the evil werewolves and zombie cats it has never beeen captured or even described until this day.
Zarganzig's castle was the setting of the famous "Whiiple Creak" Massacre in 1643.
by legendteller1643 April 23, 2007
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