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Many people have heard of the legend of Throatfuck- either on a college campus, or in the mall...she has become one of the most eminent celebs in terms of sex.
Throatfuck is a renowned and ill-favored trollop, who has created a legacy based on her courage in the bedroom. Throatfuck will forever be remembered as the girl who eagerly awaits her regrettable recipient with head on the end of the bed and mouth wide open. During this uncomfortable position, she has been quoted as saying "Fuck my Throat". While she is well accomplished in the irrumatio category, her legacy goes beyond just the throat. Other disturbing tails regarding her dog have been heralded, which include hairy (no pun intended) details that peta would almost surely frown upon. But, at least the appetite of her puppy Toyota was always satiated. Legend has it that she would use peanut butter to lure her equally frantic dog to her ostracized unmentionables as foreplay in front of her sexual target du jour. While her attitude is difficult to endure, her sizable breasts are almost redeeming.
It's important to understand that although her name is throatfuck, she is a person too. So cheers to throatfuck...although the gap between her legs is stretched beyond repair, at the very least, she still has her venerable throat, and her compact puppy.
Ted: I've heard so much about the legend of Throatfuck, but who is she really?
Ronnie: I will say the only words I know that you'll understand, because these are words that go together well- wallowing in knee deep water.
by legendhasit September 09, 2010

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