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Originally coined at a university in the United Kingdom - its use has grown to adequately describe frequent, unnecessary, excessive and sometimes unrelated exaggeration of events/facts.

Middle English, from Old English scite; akin to Old English -scItan to defecate, from Old French acorder, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin accordare, from Old English tO; akin to Old High Germa zuo.

(at the time of writing, usage is uncommon in Australia and surrounding islands)
Friend : 'Hey did you see the car race yesterday?'

Allen : 'Dude, like, I don't know how, but, like, the car was faster than any car like, before in the world. Its a world record but I forgot why they didn't record it.'

(a typical SATA situation)
by leetsauce February 02, 2005

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