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high speed fiber optics:

a hackers dream
thats all there is to explain
by leethaxxor January 28, 2004
phoc the phocing definetion
phone- fone
phoc- fuck

get it?
by leethaxxor January 29, 2004
1. Where i report people who are dicks(alt option: beat the shit out of them)

2. A good place to leagally skip school.

3. Hell when youre called up
1. I reported that mother fucker who stole my only pen.

2. I went to student affairs to skip 4th period

3. I was called up to student affairs and though i was in trouble but it turned out to be b.s.
by leethaxxor January 27, 2004
my dog when it makes its legs go in circles and chingles its tags.
the chicken pump was just annoying me. maybe my dog will se this and stop.
by leethaxxor January 28, 2004
phuck is fuck becuase phone sounds like fone. so it is the same thing when you sound it out.
ph(f)uck you
by leethaxxor January 29, 2004

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