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Large tits that you put your face inbetween and shake your head back and forth really really fast.
Bob "then i put my face between them whompers and you know... it was great"
by leethal August 06, 2003
When Lee drinks enough that he thinks he can dance. Ryan: "Hes got the legs right but the rest is just fucked up" This dance is almost as bad as the Elain dance on Seinfeld, just without the thumbs.
Damn it must be a good night if Lee is drunk enough to do the fuck up dance.
by leethal August 06, 2003
Someone who drinks too much and acts like Ben Woodard or is Ben woodard. For a good example of a lush look in Cluck U or in the gutters of gainesville
Ben is such a fuckin lush
by leethal August 06, 2003
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