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2 definitions by ledgend 0123

To open a new packet of ciggerettes and turn one at random upside down. This is called the "lucky fag" and most be smoked last for luck.Also if you do not smoke it last it creates bad luck, to superstitious people this can be in the form of death.
Andrew: yo dude you just smoked your lucky fag!

Connor: Oh God! i didn't even realise! Tell my family i love dem!
by ledgend 0123 August 16, 2009
18 3
Verb: To have your remote or xbox controller raided of batterys by other individuals, leaving you panicing as your friends go online or an ugly fat chick is on the Tv.
Connor: Dude why wern't you online last night? we where supposed to play gears at 10.

Andrew: Sorry man my brother battery raped me, took me over an hour to find some.
by Ledgend 0123 November 01, 2009
4 1