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Drink first appearing on the website thedrunkenmoogle.com
Named after the Metal Gear Solid character of the same name.

Drink consists of 6 shot glasses organized in a hexagon, which resembles the chambers of a revolver.

3 of the shot glasses are filled part way with Vodka, the other 3 shot glasses are filled part way with Wild Turkey American honey whiskey. Top off the shot glasses with Sprite or SevenUp.

Shout "TIME PARADOX!" and then take all 6 shots in quick succession.
Friend 1: Joe's pretty drunk, I bet we could get him to do a Revolver Ocelot.

Friend 2: Uhhh i think hes already doing it...

Joe (heard from other room): TIME PARADOX!
by lazystupidorcorrupt December 05, 2010
Drinking game with several friends.
Half of the shots are a Shot from Hell (half Tabasco half vodka) and the other half are water and Tabasco.
You don't know which one you're drinking.

Tabasco is made in Louisiana and Vodka is made in Russia.

Watch out! Alcohol makes it burn worse.
Drunk Kid: Hey lets play Louisiana-Russian Roulette!

Everyone Else: Thats a terrible idea.
by lazystupidorcorrupt December 05, 2010
A shot consisting of half vodka and half Tabasco.

Could also be half tequila or clear rum and Tabasco.

Also referred to as a backpacker shot.
Mississippi friend: well bud, its your 21st birthday! How about a shot from hell?

Birthday kid: whats that?

Mississippi friend: oh, you'll see.
by lazystupidorcorrupt December 05, 2010
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