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Nasty weed that you buy from black people that has lots of stems and seeds and tastes like shit.

(but it still gets you high!)
"Damn, I can't find any nugget...Might as well just get some niggerjuana."

"This stuff tastes like Shit, I bet Trulove bought niggerjuana from school again..."
by lazyflies October 02, 2005
(v.) to discriminate, and hate...
all at the same time.
don't discrimihate!
she discrimihates against the yellow starbursts, because she is predjudice.
by lazyflies March 30, 2006
adj. extremely disgusting and repulsive. the worst kind of nasty one can imagine.
"kristin's peircings are kinasty!"
"ooey shoont giirrl yo weave is KINASTAYYY!!!"
by lazyflies August 04, 2007

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