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A lax brah is an individual that plays lacrosse and emerses themselves in the culture. This means having lax sesh's, frisbee sesh's (usually with multiple frisbee's), or just chillen in the nice spring weather. Clothing stlye varies from fresh kicks with high socks, flip-flops, but the best choice is always barefoot. Shorts are worn year round. Flat billed hats are sometimes worn. Hair style is either long or shaved (like a 1 or 2). 311, Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, Incubus, Wu-Tang are some of the usual music interests. A lax brah usually smokes pot and doesn't mind chillen with some bros. Women vary from hookups to steady girlfriends. The language is mostly slang.
Lax Brah 1-"Dude wanna rip (smoke pot)?
Lax Brah 2-"Yaa dude, lemme finish this game of NHL!"
Lax Brah 1-"Aight motha fucka."
by laxinitup44 October 29, 2009

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