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4 definitions by lax

The substance that is spewed out of your dills upon reaching climax.
"so like that bitch slobbed on my knob till i gave her a fresh coat of gentleman syrup on her face and stuff."
by lax August 12, 2003
Greek word for "a large fight", derived from the word "tsakomos"(fight)
Malaka epese mia tsakoumpa xtes sto bar...
by LAX March 04, 2005
One who bogarts the cock.
-"that fuckin fag is a real cockfiend man, he can't get enough of that shit."
-"yeah man, what a homo bitchass faggitass queer."
by lax August 13, 2003
bad weed dirt back yard
that weed didnt get me high that dirt
by lax September 11, 2004