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335 definitions by lauren

What a guy calls a girl to get something out of her.
Guy:Because you wont sleep with me you're a prude.
by lauren March 10, 2005
78 96
Little smelly fish, often found at 138 Helen Drive. Also known as Franco Fritters.
Jimmy likes to put some manchovies on his jimmer jammer on a hot summer day.
by Lauren July 08, 2004
2 20
a "fall-back" fuckbuddy. if you're civilized, it actually refers to a human being.
Kara fell way hard for Richard, but she's totally his goat.
by Lauren February 06, 2003
16 34
take a dump
"5- i gotta buffalo"
by lauren September 01, 2003
14 33
a game involing 2+ people where you lie on the ground on your backs, sides touching, and alternate throwing a marble into the air. if, when it lands, it hits the other person, you get points based on where it hits.
head~50 pts
girl's chest~10 pts
guy's chest~5 pts
leg's~5 pts
feet~1 pt
if it hits you, you subtract that number. play until all the marbles have been thrown, then race around finding them, then lay back down and play again. requires next to no skill, is hysterical, and fun espec. when stoned
"hey man let's play lost your marbles- that game is totally sweet!"
by lauren September 01, 2003
4 23
so there
"man, i TOTALLY beat your ass. boosha!"
by lauren August 31, 2003
12 31
having a great like toward something, esp. getting off because of this thing.
My stupid-ass ex-boyfriend has a freaking hard on for making people as miserable as he is.
by Lauren February 08, 2003
322 341