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a horror/comedy b-movie. has a stupid plot, and stupid effects, but you have to admit it's entertaining and funny as hell.
i actually want to buy a bong that looks like the evil bong from the movie.
#evil #bong #chong #cheech #pot
by laurakkkkkkkkkkkk March 17, 2008
an english teacher that gives way too much homework.
billy: wow, Ms. Smith is such a dirty hellard! she made us read 20 pages of the Scarlet Letter and we have to annotate as much as possible!
#english #homework #evil #overload #annotate
by laurakkkkkkkkkkkk February 26, 2008
when you havent shaved your armpits in FOREVER.
maria: dude, andrew was telling me how i have a dirty chomstex.
laura: i'll show you my pits if you show me yours.
*shock faces*
#pits #hair #chomstex #shave #sweat
by laurakkkkkkkkkkkk February 27, 2008
when your inner thigh itches like crazy.
laura: omg, my inner thigh is so itchy!
nat: are you sure it's not a dirty nat?
laura: no, man, i havent shaved mah pubes in forever. it's just a dirty laura.
#dirty #nat #laura #itch #thigh #crotch
by laurakkkkkkkkkkkk February 25, 2008
a crew of 3 girls, all inspired by the ASS TO ASS scene in Requiem for a Dream.
laura (A2A), maria (A2A) and nat (A2A) had to finish their homework.
#ass to ass #requiem #uncle hank #dildo #funny as shit
by laurakkkkkkkkkkkk March 02, 2008
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