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The only person in the world whose music it is impossible to dislike. Music ranges from folk to almost-punk to spoken poetry to jazz to funk to whatever the hell else you want. Lyrics generally have to do with politics, the fact that guys suck, and lesbian-ness. See eargasm.
"Wow, look, someone else named Laurah already defined Ani Difranco!"

"I love the way Ani Difranco says the word 'government'."
by laurah borealis August 27, 2005
The word I always feel compelled to type instead of "xanga".
"I almost forgot that xangurrr.com isn't a real website."
by laurah borealis August 27, 2005
The sound a fat man makes when he has sauerkraut stuck in his throat.
"This is delicious sauerkr--- aaaaAANNNGGSSSTTT---aut."
by laurah borealis August 27, 2005

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