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The most popular jailbroken application on the ipod touch or iphone. It was created by Jay Freeman, otherwise known as Saurik. With this, people can download jailbroken programs such as system themes, system fonts, emulators, wallpapers, etc... basicaly anything that can change how your ipod does things. You can also use a paypal account to download some programs that require a purchase. Most programs available to download though, are free. There are roughly around 45,000 daily users. More programs are added everyday. It has replaced the once popular jailbroken app, installer.
I just got my ipod theme from Cydia.
by laughingskull August 13, 2009
A new and upcoming spinoff of family guy's character Cleveland Brown. In this show he gets married to his highschool love Donna. They have two kids, and cleveland's son cleveland jr. who for some reason is really fat instead of being hyperactive. I personally liked the hyperactive cleveland jr. better. This show doesn't look that good, however. It looks dull, and looks just like family guy but with black main characters, and some new neighbors. Also, cleveland was the most boring character on family guy, and making a spinoff with him as a main character doesn't look that great. Family guy was a way better entertaining and more funny show. I hope they don't abandon it just to make this crappy looking spinoff.
The Cleveland Show looks just like that old show The X's that got canceled within a few months.
The Cleveland Show looks like an epic fail waiting to happen.
by laughingskull September 06, 2009
A fairly new animated sitcom on nick at nite. It's just another corny show that will eventualy die out in a few months. All of the humor on this show is mediocore, really. and since the producers already figured this out, they play an incredibly cheesy laugh track every 10 seconds to back up their pathetic attempts at humor.
Glenn Martin, DDS fails at trying to be funny.
by laughingskull September 05, 2009
A popular program that can jailbreak both the ipod touch and iphone. For folks that don't know what jailbreaking is, it is when you hack your apple device to enable themes and other cool stuff to be able to download to it.
I used redsn0w to jailbreak my ipod touch.
by laughingskull September 10, 2009
The two main antagonists in the game Golden Sun. Their goal in the game is to light all of the elemental lighthouses using the elemental stars, and release the power of alchemy upon the world of weyard. *spoilers* But eventualy, atop the venus lighthouse, they are stopped by Isaac and friends. After being bested by Isaac and friends, saturos throws the venus star into the lighthouse beacon, and it lights the lighthouse. Then, they pool their energy together and transform into the fusion dragon. Again, they are bested by Isaac and friends, and they both die. In the second game, saturos and menardi are considered protagonists because the main protagonist of the game, Felix, continues to light the remaining lighthouses.
Saturos and Menardi are the coolest video game villans ever.
by laughingskull August 30, 2009
Nintendo's equivalent to Microsoft's xbox live points. These points can be purchased either by a credit card or through the nintendo wii's wii shop channel. There are two ways to buy the points- the first way is to buy a wii points card (or nintendo points card, same thing.) you then take the card and scratch out the gray area to reveal your wii points code that you then enter in the wii shop channel to recieve your points. The second way to buy wii points is to go to the wii shop channel, click the credit card option and enter your credit card information. Then, you can choose the number of points you want. With wii points, you can download games from past systems, such as NES, SNES, N64, turbografix, etc... also, you can download games from the Wiiware category, which are a variety of games created by various developers. There are also some different channels for your wii you can download there too, which are in a different category. Most of these channels that are available, though, are free.
I just bought 2000 Wii Points from BestBuy.
by laughingskull September 07, 2009

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