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A gorgeous doll of a girl. Sweet and pretty. She's a little crazy but that what makes you love her. She knows everything, and knows it. No matter how sweet she can be if you cross her the wrong way she can be a huge bitch. She doesnt always mean to be, but in the end it always leaves you wanting to be on her good side. She's unbelievably awesome and hot, and always leaves you wanting more.
Example 1:

Boy1- Did you see Lahela today/
Boy 2- hell yea, she was looking pretty fine today
Boy 1- She's freakin hilarious too

Example 2:
Girl 1- Hey what did you do to lahela?
Girl 2- I called her a slut, she so is.
Girl 1- Uhm no she's not. You only think that cause the guy you like likes her.
Girl 2- exactly why can't she be content with all the boys she's already got?
Girl 1- It's so not her fault. Plus she already told him that she didn't like him that way. That he should consider you. God youre stupid.
by last summer October 19, 2009

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