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A derogatory term for hispanic migrant workers, esp. forest workers in the rural Northwest.
This morning at the convenience store, I watched twenty-eight hat dancers pile out of one van, and buy the entire stock of microwave burritos and chimichangas.
by last rat standing February 08, 2008
An extreme moron. This term was not coined by Bugs Bunny, who only used the term maroon, and then only once. Ultramaroon was a favorite term of "The Champ", a longtime Canadian syndicated radio feature.
"The ultramaroon goes for the head fake. Uppercut, straight right, and a flurry to the solar plexus. 'How's that?" -The Champ
by last rat standing February 07, 2008
A popular Canadian expression to demonstrate disgust for a general situation.
Dunc: It's time for Hockey Night in Canada and were all out of LaBatt's.
Gord: Doesn't that just fuck all!
by last rat standing February 09, 2008

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