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2 definitions by laserfeet

When a male injects a magic growing sponge egg toy with spicy peruvian peanut pepper sauce and, in the act of lovesqueezings, inserts it into any of his female counterpart's orafices. The magic growing egg expands, and the spicy sauce begins to irritate any skin it comes into contact with. Can cause serious damage to the epidermis and relationship.
Aleck pulled a peruvian pufferfish on his girl, the expandable dinosaur grew to 14 inches, and she couldnt get it out for 3 days. Now she'll never walk again.
by laserfeet April 15, 2009
25 5
A small pill made up of a compressed sponge inside a gel pill. When placed in water the casing dissolves, the sponge grows, and all delight! The sponge is often colored and cut into fun shapes, such as animals or dinosaurs.
I bought a pack of magic growing sponge egg toys for my kids, but they ate them all. They've been puking rainbow sponge dinos for hours.
by laserfeet April 15, 2009
12 2