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The greatest comedian/actor of all time. He can play such characters as, an animal, a girl, a stapler, a carrot, durp de durp, and a gigolo....twice.
Rob Schneider is a stapler.
by lasdjflasdjflasdjkf May 25, 2006
A very cool latino, that is not really latino.
After Alex saved the world from tyranny, he was named honorary "Antonio Banderas for a day."
by lasdjflasdjflasdjkf May 25, 2006
An angry dwarf that is easily thrown around with the use of a cannopult, sling shot, cannon, golf tee, or mule.
Alex was being a grumbling midget so I sent him on a mule to Arizona.
by lasdjflasdjflasdjkf May 25, 2006
The belief in whatever one wants to believe in. A religion in which there are no rules, but the ones that one makes, hence the title "Jawnism"
Jermaine: Man Jawnism is the greatest thing ever
Jamal: What is it?
Jermaine: I can believe whatever jawn I want! Like in my Jawnism therse a lotta jawns and im the jawn of the jawn. Every jawn in the jawn is owned by my jawn and i live happily ever after in a giant jawn and I never have any jawns.
Jamal: Dawg that sounds fly.
by lasdjflasdjflasdjkf May 25, 2006

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