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2 definitions by larrigy


gernaraly a person who crosses the line, line being a certain topic, and crossing it would be taking it to far.

*singing lyrics of sex ed by i set my friends on fire to a girl*
a larrigy: .......YOU DON'T HAVE A VAGINA! THAT WOULD BE CRAPPY... actally i wouldn't know if you have one, i never seen down there..... HAVE YOU GOT A VAGINA
by larrigy April 20, 2009
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similar to a larrigy, but more precise on line crossed. This larrigy tends to cross line on the issue of gayness. this can also included butt sex joke in this catergory. however the larrigy in question is usally most likey straight
a larrigay: ah sam shut up so i can stick my fat knob up your arse..........
by larrigy April 20, 2009
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