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Don't you just hate it when you cant remember someones name and they are standing right there?? And you consiously stand there think freakin hell man what do i say?? coz i just dont want to look like a pratt. well all you do is call them david blim blim blom. not only do you make them laugh but you dont come out looking like a jack ass.
(phone rings)
caller- Hey how are you?
Receiver - fine just out wit frinds right now!
caller- oh who are you with?
Reciver- Sarah, John, Tiffany and erm .. David blim blim blom.
caller- HaHaHAHAHA
Person who you forgot- HaHaHaHaHa shes such a joker dont you just love her.
Receiver- phew
by larny September 24, 2007
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