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the short-name for Breckenridge, the tightest ski resort in colorado. Home of the highest lift in North America (The Imperial Express-built in 2005). Where the chillest people live. The guy to girl ratio is about 1:3, but the night life is sweet and the town is pretty. And you cant find a fast food restaurant to save your life.
Dude I got so wasted apres ski in Breck this weekend.
by lareila February 07, 2007
The most over-rated and ridiculously expensive ski resort in colorado. Home of the snooty, fur coat, fur boot and leggings wearing yuppies. A place where PETA would have a hay-day. Where everything is ridiculously over priced and even the fast food dollar menu is $1.50. The main attraction of the resort is celebrity-watching and shopping at the designer stores. The only good time to go is during the infamous X-games which brings in normal people who actually ski and snowboard instead of going to look pretty in fur on the mountain. Also a term to describe somebody who is snooty or wearing too much fur.
That woman with her 20 facelifts and breast implants is so aspen.

I went to aspen this weekend and now I cant even afford food for a week.
by lareila February 07, 2007

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