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Maybells are the hottest people you'll ever meet. they have great personalities and are very trustworthy. Loving, compassionate. loving on the maclaine side. ...and also very cute and bubbly. she is definitely not a meat wallet. and she has two really hot best friends named Abbie and Tori.
Hey did you see that Maybell girl on the sidewalk the other day? she didn't have a meat wallet!! even though i wish she would have....
by Laquishababy January 03, 2009
To freak out. In a good or bad way. The origin of the word came from the Greek goddess Titflapaine. The creator of the phrase is a young girl named Caitlyn from Wisconsin.
I thought she was going to flip a tit when the monkey climbed out of the vagina on final destination 2!
by laquishababy January 16, 2009

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