11 definitions by lanelane

to share a cigerette with someone.
sue: "hey bob can i bum a cig?"
bob: "sorry sue i only have one left, but i'll piece it with you."

"i dont feel like smoking this whole thing, wanna piece it with me?"
by lanelane February 10, 2007
to throw up or to vomit.
"seeing that fatty in a bikini makes me want to ralph"
by lanelane February 10, 2007
a type of male haircut. Its usually blonde, naturally straight, a little shorter than shoulder length and all the same length with absolutly no layers. reminisent of the early-mid 90s. if you saw someone with this cut, they usually look like their name would be colby, if its not already. they also typically look like they belong in the babysitters club.
"he has such a colby haircut"
"ew did you see that colby back there?"
by lanelane February 10, 2007
ranky ass breath. short for Bad Breath, commonly used as a prefix before the initial of the person in possession of the bb.
"that garlic bagel gave me with worst bb ever, i had to brush my teeth 3 times!"

"i cant even be in the same room as bbd, his breath is so bad."
by lanelane February 10, 2007

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