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2 definitions by landfishcamefromchina

A Korean term use to insult ethnic Chinese people. Also a popular cartoon character in South Korea. This word is vulgar.
Jjanggae (짱깨) => Example (in English): "That disgusting jjanggae started hitting on me in the mall and now I have to send my nice shoes to the drycleaner!"
by landfishcamefromchina May 15, 2010
Pronounced "bek-Moe-ing"

To shout vulgar words in response to a communication error, particularly when reading an excerpt of literature. Originates from a sophomore English project in which this word was the sole typo in a sea of over 9,000 unspellchecked words.
"And I wurz...MOTHER******** ***** *** ****** **** AND **** IN THE ****** FOR NINE DAYS!" "Dang, I ain't not never seen becmoing that bad before!"
by landfishcamefromchina May 15, 2010