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Why is it that 99% of the people who submit definitions to this site think we're interested in their made up 'sexual' words or terms? No one cares to hear about some fictitious sexual act you've never performed to begin with. 'chicken wings' have nothing to do with sex or masturbation. They are an extremely tasty and extremely common western food that can be found at pretty much any bar and grill out there, as well as being readily available in the frozen food section of your local supermarket.
Let's go to the tavern and get some chicken wings!
by Lament April 18, 2006
Quite possibly the worst processors Intel has ever manufactured. It was designed for the sole purpose of creating a processor that didn't cost much. Well whooptideefuck, Intel! Your piece of shit Celeron is so unbelievably slow, any machine that has one in it is instantly branded a piece of garbage, because the very real reality is that Celerons can't power ANY machine, no matter how powerful it is.
Anyone with a Celeron in their computer clearly has no idea what they are doing.
by Lament June 06, 2006
A VERY highly overrated brand of gaming CPU. They're overpriced, and their tech support is non-existent. The company lies to each and every single one of their customers (and non-customers) by falsly advertizing that they will fix any problems that happen under their warranty. NEVER buy anything from this company run by ignorant assholes.
Alienware is for rich people who want to play games but in reality have no fucking clue how to use Windows even to the most minimal extent. Buy a PC from an HONESTLY reputable manufacturer such as HP, and don't get ripped off by Alienware's bad quality merchanise and obscene prices.
by Lament May 12, 2006
The most visually stunning FPS game to date. Badass in gameplay both single player and multiplayer. Better have a fast machine if you want to run this bitch.
Quake 4 - Prepare For The Ultimate War
by Lament April 27, 2006
Cannabis Culture is a marijuana enthusiast Magazine published in Canada. Unlike High Times it focusses strictly on cannabis related issues and contains less ads and American nonsense. Unfortunately that doesn't really say much. The magazine's owner Marc Emery is a false prophet, an arrogant sod, and a downright nasty individual. He talks shit to people on his online discussion forum if they don't agree with everything he says, and sadly 90% of the users on that forum have been brainwashed by him, so if you disagree with Marc Emery, you're immediately branded a narc and scumbag by the very people who are supposed to be promoting peace and understanding. The entire organization and almost everyone afiliated with them are just one massive gang of hypocrites. I myself am pro-cannabis and for the complete legalization of the plant, but Cannabis Culture refuses to acknowledge the very real fact that addiction to marijuana quite possible, and we have seen it happen to many people. Although the drug is not physically addictive, many many individuals become psychologically addicted to it, as with many other substances. Until Cannabis Culture will address this important issue and stop with the egotistical drivel they publish that is in its own right their very own form of propaganda, I will never buy a single issue of their magazine or visit their website, or go to rallies organized by Marc Emery. I'm pro Cannabis, anti-Cannabis Culture.
Fuck you, Marc Emery, and your hypocritical bullshit. Fuck you, Cannabis Culture for your assuming, subjective "journalism" and your outright ignorance.
by Lament May 29, 2006
The true name of the band Slipknot.
Slopkunt is the worst "band" in the world.
by Lament May 25, 2006
A rabbit.

variants; rab, rab nab
My rab tab has escaped his cage and is now shitting all over the floor :D
by Lament March 14, 2007
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