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The greatest ameraican who ever lived. organized the sons of liberty which kicked the british out of the United States of america (not yet called that at the time though). I am drunk at the moment.
Samuel Adams: always made a good decision
by lambofslayer August 31, 2005
The mark of the beast. A movie rated NC-17 will get very little publicity and not make it onto many screens. This rating hinders a director's creative talent. He must decide: Do I sacrifice art (NC-17) for money (R)? Very few directors make the right decision.
Requiem for a Dream by Darren Aronofsky was rated NC-17 and did poor at the box office. However, the decision made by him to keep it at the rating is a respectable one in that the movie very properly showcases the horrors of drug abuse in disturbing ways.
by LambofSlayer July 29, 2005

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