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A freaking amazing girl who is a great friend and is hated by few. She is very special. She is the most beautiful girl with a kind and caring heart. And she has a BIG nice mexican JLo booty. A mixed asian girl who can be sexy and naughty but innocent at the same time. She loves animals. Always trying to help people out even if your someone whos hurt and caused her pain she will be there for you no matter what. Very mature for her age. Tends to deal with alot, and has alot going on. Always has a smile on her face even when shes having a bad day.
Girl 1: Who is SHE?

Boy 1: I dont know but DAMN !
Boy 2: Thats KORINA ;)
Girl 2: Shes the best, i love her :)
by lalalalanddd October 13, 2011
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