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The activity involving a number of text messages sent back and forth between two individuals. This can lead to hand cramps and issues of insecurity and/or frustration. Does he like me? Will she sleep with me? This issue has arisen in the dating misadventures of 3six5dates.
Alternatively, Texting Tennis is a useful form of interrogation.
Cindy: Hey, what’cha doin? 2.13pm, Tuesday.
Mark: Nothin’ much. What ya up to? 3.46pm, Tuesday.
Cindy: Yeah same. 4.01pm, Tuesday.
Mark: Cool. 4.50pm, Tuesday.
Cindy: Cool. 9.32am Wednesday.

Yep. That's tennis texting.
by laflop June 18, 2012
The act of dating on a regular basis. This can include a wide range of activities, such as mini-golf and dinner. The actual reality version has been trialled by many brave souls. See example;
3six5dates and One Hundred Dates both paticipate in the act of a date-a-thon. Also could be seen in the actions of Samantha on Sex and the City.
by laflop June 18, 2012
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