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a giant moist shit that needs almost no wiping.

a very relieving poop.
Dude 1: "Dude, I just took the best shit ever"
Dude 2: "We're out of toilet paper though, man"
Dude 1: "That's okay it was a buttery lindgren"
by Lafferty Daniel April 18, 2008
99% of all dragon tamers can be described as a 17 to 28 year old white male who enjoys outdated and/or fantasy video games. If outside of their parent's basement, they can be spotted at internet cafes, public internet access areas, or the local used video game vendor. They will always be toting a warm 20oz bottle of Mountain Dew, or an off-brand energy drink as well as a BigGrab sized bag of Doritos.

His shirt is a dark colored silk short sleeved button-up often decorated with flames, dice, dragons, reptiles, or anime related designs. His pants are always black and baggy. They are often adorned with many zippers, strings, staples, patches, extra pockets, and chains (to secure nylon-Velcro wallet). His shoes are black Converse or Vans usually accompanied by long white tube socks with colored stripes.

Acne has been and always will be an issue, but not a major concern of a dragon tamer. Fingernails are long and unkept. Much effort is put into hair style, although always a complete failure. The wet spike is popular. Silver chain necklace is essential. Favorite band is Dream Theater or at least in the progressive metal genre.
Greg: "Man, check out that dragon tamer"
Tyler: "Dude, that's resh"
by Lafferty Daniel August 06, 2008
Under Armour sports apparel that is inappropriately worn during public, non-sporting events (eg: bars, parties, classroom, restaurants, etc) in an attempt to pass it off as fashionable.
Chris: "Look at that douche bag wearing Social Under Armour."

Pete: "No wonder he is alone."
by Lafferty Daniel August 06, 2008
Used to describe a Little Caesar's Hot-N-Ready pizza that is undercooked or not yet ready to be served. Often the result of its extremely low price attracting a long line of dragon tamers, who put the underpaid staff into a position of serving undercooked pizzas.
Geoff: "You pick up that Hot-N-Ready??"

Mark: "More like Hot-NOT-Ready! There were 25 tamers before me in line and I still got my pizza in 30 seconds. This cheese isn't even melted."

Geoff: "Oh well, chances are we'll end up throwing half of it out the car window anyway"
by Lafferty Daniel August 06, 2008
-adj. something of great size, magnitude, quality, or importance
Kevin: "Did you see that chick's rack?"
Adam: "Yes dude, those things were joyngous!"

by Lafferty Daniel December 03, 2007
Originating from the word depression, depressing. Usually used to describe a sad or depressing person or situation.
Jimmy: "What's up Mike?"
Mike: "I just watched 5 straight episodes of COPS"
Jimmy: "Dude, that's fuckin' resh"
by Lafferty Daniel April 19, 2007
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