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A textbook for a human sexuality course.
I can't believe I just fell asleep reading my sextbook. You'd think it'd be more interesting...
by lady_so_divine July 14, 2011
The hubbub that occurs after a home run, akin to lengthy applauses during high school graduations that muffle the next name being called.
Hey, wanna go get a lemon chill after the home run hype dies down?
by lady_so_divine July 04, 2011
Term for a girl who lives on the border of two towns, states, or even countries. Originally coined for girls from El Paso, TX. Definitely not meant to be derogatory.
I got lost passing through El Paso yesterday, but I asked two border babes for directions and they helped me find my way.
by lady_so_divine June 16, 2011
Anothere term for a typo made when writing with a Braille keyboard.
Person 1: I'm going to the store. Want me to pick you up anyding?
Person 2: Nice Braillo, dude. And no, I'm okay. :)
by lady_so_divine January 09, 2012
To look up a celebrity on Wikipedia to get the scoop on her or his life without having to go to a million celebrity news sites in the process. Similar to Facebookstalking a friend or celebrity.
I wonder what Christina Perri's life was like before her music got big. Let's Wikistalk her and find out.
by lady_so_divine December 30, 2011
Much the way we channel-surf on the TV or radio when we're bored, we also may be caught flipping from Facebook to Twitter to Pandora to UD. Hence tab-surfing. :)
Man, let's go do something. I'm bored off my ass just tab-surfing.
by lady_so_divine December 15, 2011
Descriptive, humorous term for something that is small or miniature in size. Derived from the word "midget."
Dude, why is this bottle of mustard so midgified? I thought it was bigger than that.
by lady_so_divine July 04, 2011

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