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The more businesslike and dignified term for whore, prostitute, or trick. One who provides pleasure for a price.
Aeriq: Ay ho, get your ass over here!
Lacey: Hey don't be callin' me a ho.
Aeriq: That's what you are though.
Lacey: I know, but I like to be called a Pleasure Provider. It's less harsh..
Aeriq: Aight..
by lacefrogface January 31, 2009
Similar to whipped but even more than regular. Derived from the fact that if egg whites and sugar are whipped hard enough, it'll become a meringue.
Lacey: Woa, she's got him whipped!
Hanna: Girl, he ain't whipped, he's meringued!
by lacefrogface January 17, 2009

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