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when a man or a woman isn't any good for sex (and all the other things).
1. shit, this guy sucks in bed. he cohbilapsed last night.

2. sorry man, but you'll cohbilapse anyway.
by la halla January 24, 2007
similar to the character's insanity of "the simpsons", tingeltangel/sideshow bob.

could be used as an adjective, describing one persons incapabilitiy of sticking to his own, once set values.
when someone keeps going back and forth within his actions, not knowing what he really wants.
primarily put in front of a male name and cynical used by women.
hey, what's up tingel tangel joe? not much, heh.

i am so done with your tingel tangel, mike.

go and play with yourself, tingel tangel dave.
by la halla January 25, 2007
The eating behaviour of someone being a raw foodist.

The action of eating only raw food in the morning, raw food for lunch, raw food for dinner and raw food in between.

Someone who has internalized the controversial philosophy of eating only raw.

Someone who has lost the pleasure of cooked food.

My girlfriend is so miserable at the moment and all because she is rawking already for 8 weeks - i am afraid she is getting raw herself.

Sorry, but I can't go to sleep anymore, because i am rawking.

by la halla February 13, 2007

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