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A fat selfish bitch that doesnt know how to get laid just kisses her friends hand and has no idea how to have sex muahahahaha.
(empty minded bitch)
selfish bitch i reckon
by llewellyn September 02, 2004
Spam really means
Specially packaged American meat
But Spam is also an internet term of constanly filling servers
, fourms or msn with meaningless or pointless posts or sentances that mean and achive nothing
Noob: jdahldaknda
Me: Shut up you spammer
Noob: pahuipdhgipuHN!
Me: g0t spam?
by Llewellyn December 31, 2005
another word for maurjauna or drugs.
"yo bro u got any dope?"
by lLeWeLlyN September 01, 2004
A drug that makes any fat chick hot!!
hey whar ya been all my life sexy bitch!
by llewellyn July 28, 2004

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