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A character based on some book that some fat retard made up based on a certain series, usually bassed on books, television, or movies. A fancharacter is usually a recolored version of some retarded furry many instances some really good artist will waste his/her talent or time on some crappy character usually with a date with one of the origional characters. This creates comeplete what the fuck ness all over the internet rather than creating something that would make them serious money. The eye-catching art they do is usually found on furaffinity in forms off yiffy porn and other things that the retard submits because deviantart doesn't allow them to be a fanboy/fangirl also, the artist who posts such disgusting shit is usually referred as a furfag.
Lolz, my fancharacter knows/is family of/dates (inser character here) and iz way moar cooler than yours.
by l3t ag3n7 32 January 29, 2008
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