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Now if you want to talk about a really fucked up isp for all you dumb fucks out there isp means internet service provider. all walmart connect is, is a shitty look alike aol program that costs about 9.95 per month but is slower than mother fucking molasses and you cant go in any fucking chat rooms except bot filled AIM rooms which arent even god damn rooms to begin with. When calling for help it is similar to AOL because you always get a fucking towelhead. Its unfuckingbelieveable that you can not get one fucking AMERICAN to help your ass out. So if you want a piece of shit ISP choose walmart connect. PS the free trial is only for 7 days, big fucking deal!
What the fuck man why the hell would an isp let you only have a week trial fuck walmart connect.
by l33th4x0r February 18, 2005
a cool ass mother fucking isp that is easy to hack and has a lot of fucking features. ie you can go in chatrooms and talk shit but you can get a TOS if you dont have a TOS remover application that you can download from www.lenshell.com. That site is the shit for AOL progz. The employees are a bunch of dumbasses that will give out passwords and shit, they are so god damn gullible its unbelieveable. the anti virus sucks big time dick but fuck you! your supposed to have your own anti virus proggie anyways. there are cool message boars that you can flame on that are like so fucking awesome. the connection is still slower than fucking mollases unless you have a cable modem, which you are pretty lame anyways if you dont have one these days. the only thing is i am getting sick and fucking tired of getting sand niggers everytime i call aol, cant i get an american once! JUST ONE FUCKING TIME!! Shit thats all i fucking need is an american, it is hard to send a virus or some other mother fucker because the built in virus proggie usually detects it even though it is a piece of horse shit! If your a n00b to aol there is so many fucking things to discover on aol its incredible. well im gonna wrap it up. so any aol h8rs out there go fuck yourself you fags
Damn dog AOL is so easy to hack no wonder its #1
by l33th4x0r February 18, 2005
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