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A simplified version of - Pistol-owned from counterstrike. newbs run around with machine guns while veterans with real accuracy use pistols and 'Pistol-own' people, or pwn. May even date back to Splatterball (on AOL), where Pistol-owning was also used.

another possible beginning- pwn = Pawn, from Everquest, where the weakest creatures were pawns. orc pawn.... to get beat by a pawn sucked, you were pwn'd...
I pwn j00.

My mithril bp pwns your leather one.
by l33t pwner May 27, 2004
a wanna be EverQuest. you play to level 40 and get bored.
i used to play ffxi, until i realized it sucked, unlike EQ.
by l33t pwner May 27, 2004
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