2 definitions by l0vemetal

When something is so completely and utterly retarded.

Spawned from a man selling a $40 guitar overdrive pedal for $400 because he painted it and tagged it "custom painted."
This guy's selling a guitar overdrive pedal he built from $40 worth of Radio Shack parts for $400?! ZOMG that's so LEET CUSTOM PAINTED!!!1//oneslash
by l0vemetal January 08, 2008
blatantly unfunny. randomly stupid, an expression to define the lame and not-so-l33t. derived from the mindless self indulgence song whipstickagostop
lamer: omg, why did the chicken cross the road?!
l33t: *shakes head* wisagos.
by l0vemetal July 08, 2007

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