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Everyone who has said that Wilton is snooty or pointless doesn't know what they are talking about. I live in Wilton, and I admit its no New York, but its a lot better than the reputation its getting on this website. It may have a lot of really wealthy people but none of them are close to as snooty as people from New Canaan or Darien. The houses in Wilton are just as big and with much more land. The houses in Darien don't even have 1/2 of the ammount of land as we have. My mom is a builder in New Canaan and she comes home with stories about how bitchy her customers are. She enjoys her job a lot more when working with a Wiltonian. Wilton has a great sports program and an exceptional educational program. Much better than those in New Canaan or Darien. Wilton is known for its schooling and sports. If anyone wants to diss Wiltonians anymore they can call me up. And about our so called "drug issues" every town has their group of people who do drugs. You are making Wilton sound like Harlem for God's sake. There are more stoners in all of our surrounding towns (Norwalk, New Canaan, Darien, Greenwich.) Before you go and diss Wilton look at yourselves (New Canaan, Darien, etc.) Have you ever heard anyone diss Wilton's attitude? You hear a lot more people say how stuck up New Canaan is. Everyone from New Canaan and Darien have this annoying preppy speech problem. They overuse the words "like" and "um" like crazy (refer to Example.) And by the way Wilton is definitely NOT a wannabe of Darien or New Canaan. Wilton's sports are getting better every year. I don't think that you can say the same for Darien or New Canaan. The incoming Freshman class is thriving with many great athletes. So I would watch what you are saying before we kick your ass in Lacrosse 2007!!
DARIEN PERSON-"Wanna like go play lax at my hizzouse? We can totally like chill in my backyard. We have a whole foot between our back door and the neighbors fence."

NEW CANAAN PERSON-"umm..like..at my hizzouse we have 2 feet."

by l.w.m.w August 23, 2006

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