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2 definitions by kyuubi-kid

Best 2-D fighter to date! actually might be the best FIGHTER ever
Hay, let's play Guilty Gear and make a good name for the FGC

Sounds good!
by kyuubi-kid August 16, 2006
The worst fighting game ever! The only people who play this game are losers who can't handel real fighting games like Street Fighter 3: 3rd strike, Guilty Gear XX Slash, and Tekken 5. It's a game where if you cant glitch like "L canceling" and "wave dashing" you can't win!

Do your self (and every other real fighting game player) a favor, if some says you should take up smash... just laugh and say "No thanks, I'm straight!" and walk away.
Queer: Hay DUDES! ya wana play some HARDCORE fighting games?

Cool person: Sure, I'm up for some guilty gear or 3s Let's play!

Queer: Guilty gear??? 3s??? what are they? see i duno those games cuz I'm gay and I play the dumbest fighter ever made.... SSBM!!!

Cool person: ......... Fag

cool person leaves.
by kyuubi-kid August 15, 2006