2 definitions by kyljon

the part of a womans ass that hangs out of her home made jean shorts. the part that is the lower inside portion of the ass cheek just above the crease.
I'd love a piece of the keister cake on that thing.

She said, " can you see my Keister Cakes in these home made jean shorts".

I hope I can find someone serving up some home made Keister Cakes at the county fair.

Damn girl i didnt know you were selling Keister Cakes.
by kyljon November 29, 2009
you know when your sitting in the bath tub with your lady friend and you have a chubby and just the tip is poking out of the water. well that my friend is a dick-berg.
Hey baby come on over here but stay clear of the dick-berg it might sink your ship.

Baby only 10% of the dick-berg is visible the other 90% is below the water.
by kyljon November 29, 2009

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