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Nickelodeon's rip-off to Dexter's Laboratory. Basically the same thing.
Dexter's lab: Kid is a boy genius and has his secret lab. Creates inventions for anything and sometime they don't work. Dingy dad and redheaded mom. Has a rival named Mandark.
Jimmy Neutron: Kid is a boy genius and has his secret lab. Creates inventions for anything and sometime they don't work. Dingy dad and redheaded mom. Has a rival named Cindy.
About the same thing
by Kyle 230 December 02, 2009
Less geekier than the computer science major but it is still very underrated. Usually the ones getting an information technology major are anime-MySpace addicting scene kids and wiggers and older guys that want to get a decent job because they got laid off and can't find a job at Wal Mart to feed their 6 kids. They are usually not part of the popular crowd since they spend their lives in front of their computer or video game console.

You do have your classic geeks in an IT Major too but they all seem to congregate to the computer science. But when you get done, you usually wind up as one of these guys working at Best Buy or Wal Mart, selling computers or helping them use Paint or something like that, but they make a pretty good wad, at least $20 per hour.
Information technology may be a little misfitty, but it gets good pay and the class is fun, what the heck
by Kyle 230 August 02, 2009
A pretty decent rapper who was most notable for the song "Low" and "In The Ayer". A lot of his songs uses samples from older songs and he raps about hitting the club and getting laid with the strippers, or putting your hands in the ayer. He tries to make the '90s party dance hit sound in a lot of his songs. Some of the older songs he taken was the guitar riff from "Crazy Train" in "Low", "Right Round" is just a cover song from the original Right Round with the rap to it. "Sugar" uses the riff from Eiffel 65 "Blue". He has very pornographic lyrics in his music (which one doesn't) and has the signature triplets in his rhymes.
Flo Rida is the guy who made low.
by Kyle 230 November 26, 2009
Supposedly the next decade and this is what I can see coming.

It will be a lot more conservative than the 2000s and there will be a backlash of the liberal views of the late 2000s, which are starting to fail.

The 2010s will have a more focus on family and true friends. People will start having more kids as opposed to 1-3 kid families in the last few decades. TV will become more down to earth and something worth watching. We will be seeing more variety shows and sitcoms, and reality shows are going to be more "realisic" as it was in the 1990s or just die out. Game shows will become more popular along with talk shows and talk radio. Movies will become classics because people would rather see a good movie that is worth their money, not just another blockbuster film, remake, or sequel.

Technology will become more handy and not as much as a "glam" thing or "status symbol" as in the 2000s. Albums and even vinyl will come back...downloading off of iTunes will die out. The internet will become something that will be snuck into stuff and more of an business/informational tool than a social toy. Wireless networking will becoming more widespread and high speed internet will be cheaper.

Music will be more talented and more dance/electronica. Fashion will start being glam and bling, and more brighter colors and nice looking fabrics and designs than actually wearing a label. Ravers will be all over the place.
The 2010s will be better than 2000s
by Kyle 230 December 11, 2009
A cheaper alternative for a standard 4 year college for the ones that just want to get in there and get a decent job and have about 13 kids when they are done. They are more focused on being the Duggars with massive families than just getting laid with a bunch of chick while still being "single".

The classes are usually more straightforward and there are a lot of classes that could get you started to the "real" college life and there are just these classes like nursing and information technology that could get you a decent job to put food on your massive families.

You don't have to be as bright to be in a community college, but they have apartments, not dorms, because they are more focused on the "real world." and the classes are more conservative-right winged and actually mention God.
Typical college student: Party, party, get laid, get drunk, fail philosophy test

Community college student: Take a criminal justice type class, find a chick, get married, and have 2 dozen kids.
by Kyle 230 July 29, 2009
A person who drives Harley Davidsons, according to some episode on South Park.
Look at me and my badass Harley.
by Kyle 230 November 05, 2009
A great way to patronize high school kids that are not part of the "cool clique" or the standards of a socially normal teenager or kid, which means the kid is the star quarterback of the football team or not dating the hot cheerleaders. Usually these people will do very well in the adult world and they will get pretty good paying jobs, but the school system found another reason to add more money to the special ed program to create jobs for people that should be working at McDonalds helping these kids "act cool", which could be learned by a few ass kicking by the popular gang.
Usually kids are labeled with Asperger Syndrome...think typical nerd or dork, paces around, thinks about something besides sex but masturbates and wishes he could get sex, maybe obsessing on something not cool, watches Spongebob (there is something about Asperger Syndrome and Spongebob, or any socially inept kid), using correct English and not street slang, but made even more dorky with a disability. There is a dime of dozen of these kids and that actually adds diversity to high school or middle school. We need kids that are socially inept and can't get the chicks. Propaganda for discrimination and makes the popular group more snotty and the teachers that suck up to the popular group.
Joe discusses Pokemon non-stop and watches Spongebob, but can't get laid with Brittany...he must has Asperger Syndrome.
by Kyle 230 January 19, 2010
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