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to encourage someone to contnue with his or her impassioned rant.
person A:"I prefer diet coke over regular coke"

person B:"preach it!"
by kyle February 10, 2005
Fried potatoes smothered with cheese and sour cream, with some green onions on top. Created by the geniuses at taco bell.
1. Lets go to tacobell and get some oh so cheesy fiesta potatoes!

2. You will get the runs if you eat to many cheesy fiesta potatoes.
by Kyle October 25, 2004
also means back stab, but no one really uses it
i just got spineshanked by my best friend
by kyle December 04, 2003
The online paradise for pedophiles.
40 year old guy: I love AOL... love talking to the young boys. Or girls.. doesn't matter to me just as long as they're below 12.
by Kyle February 20, 2005
Mariujuana, or green, where I made it from, grizzle.
I'm gonn put some grizzle in the bizzle, and get my head straight...
by Kyle June 05, 2004
someone with a penis so small it seems like there cock and balls are one object.
Fuck you and your cockballs.
by kyle February 01, 2004
Meaning something is good or cool.
as said by eric cartman. "seaaga dreeeaamcast"
by Kyle November 21, 2004
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