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wet & messy fetish, a fetish where people are atracted to girls in wet clothing, mud wrestling...........
when hot women are either mud-wrestling, gunged, splosh, in a pie-fight, or a wet t-shirt competition
by Kyle July 06, 2004
A treatment consisting of different chemicals for different types of cancers used in cancer treatment.It has been known to cause hair loss and make you sick as fuck.
This chemotherapy makes me sick as fuck.
by kyle January 29, 2004
A meal that is usually served in the morning.
Let's go to IHOP (International House of Pancakes) for breakfast today!
by Kyle May 17, 2003
a tatoo on the lower back of a woman. it serves as a target for which to aim after pulling out. also known as the P.O.T.
she has a nice P.O.T.
by Kyle March 29, 2004
The second largest city in America (NYC is number 1). A city where you will always find something to do worthwhile. It has nice weather with much cultural diversity but LA has its reputation for smoggy air, traffic, crime and it's a very sprawled-out city.
Despite its flaws, I wouldn't mind moving there eventually. I despise the lame city I live in called Portland.
by Kyle February 26, 2005
what happens when you beat off too much too fast not using lubricant...
Girl: why is ur penis all red and brusied?
boy: thats friction burn baby!
by Kyle March 17, 2005
Mariujuana, or green, where I made it from, grizzle.
I'm gonn put some grizzle in the bizzle, and get my head straight...
by Kyle June 05, 2004

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