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99% of the girls in this town are only attracted to jerks and abuse nice guys. this town is the source of most drama in the world today. walla walla is said to be the new california. its full of butt wipes who dont give people their ds's back :@. this town is practically a retirement home. the only fun things to do is walk around and play video games. the girls in this town consist of demons, soulless creatures, and reincarnated dictators. walla walla is cruel and sacrifices live children to the government for taxes. the chances of getting a girl in walla walla is about the chance of finding a 100 dollar bill on the ground once a day for 10 years.
to get a girl in walla walla you have to be a complete jerk

kyle: dude walla walla sucks weenies :@
robert: nah dude
robert: it bites them =/
by kyl3ex0r September 23, 2007

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