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madaburraporus is a very sexual term for someone who likes to hump their self (or their pillow)
i love madaburraporus(ing) myself
by kyah and holly July 06, 2008
when a mother poos out of her ear right into her childs nose and then the child is aroused by the poo, the child then farts into the mothers mouth then causing her to lick her child all over!!
Omg.the other day my boyfriend/girlfriend did a mummy poo to me..it was sooo hot!
by kyah and holly July 06, 2008
a testicle margaritta is a brand of tv... or at least that is what i think it is if that is not what it is then i must of gotn it mixed up with: when a girl smothers a cock with cheese and tomato paste and then nibbles it off until she has accidentaly eaten the guys boogers
last night my mother brought a testicle margaritta
by kyah and holly July 06, 2008
when ones penis goes to saggy because the persons has had too much anal sex.this happens when the person has multiple orgasms every hour, 24 hours.
I have a very long saggy penis but sometimes when i had sex again i got a bona and it curved into my girlfriends but.
by kyah and holly July 06, 2008

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