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2 definitions by kwincy

a trap designed to catch animals too smart to fall for an ordinary trap i.e. monkeys and people. It works by appealing to their greed such as a job that sucks but pays to well to let go of, or a relationship which is empty or destructive but offers certain perks which make it hard to escape.
The original monkey trap involves a hollow coconut chained to a stake and baited with food. It has a hole large enough for the monkey to put its hand into, but too small to remove its hand while holding the bait. The monkey needs only to let go to escape, but gets caught because it refuses to let go in its panic to keep its precious find.
I hate this job, but it pays too well for me to quit and get a straight job. What a monkey trap.
by kwincy March 13, 2005
This word is mis-spelled. The toy referred to is Tickle-me-Elmo. Elmo is the Sesame Street character referred to. "Emo" has a different context.
You paid how much for a freakin' toy? I want a divorce.
by kwincy March 13, 2005