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A) A pinta that is filled with semen instead of candy.

B) A word used for special occasions do describe an unpleasant and annoying woman who is considered by many to a cum bag.
A) God damnit, uncle Pedro! We told you to fill it with candy. A jizz pinata is NOT an appropriate thing to have at a quinceañera. Now the girls are crying and you've ruined their dresses!
B) Britney! Who invited that stupid jizz pinata to our taco party?
by kungfuru January 27, 2011
The act of shitting, puking, queefing, farting, sneezing and urinating at the same time.
God damnit, Helen! I'm sick of cleaning up your mess every time you decide to shuqueefarsneezinate. I want a divorce.
by Kungfuru January 27, 2011
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