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adjective (-lier, -liest)
Shortened way of saying "fucking ugly"; hideous; revoltingly unsightly; abominably grotesque; sickeningly repugnant; exceedingly unattractive; butt-ugly; ugly as sin; plug-ugly

fuglification (noun), fuglify (verb), fuglily (adverb), fugliness (noun)
1. That was the fugliest fucker I've ever fucked.
2. Fugly ho'!
3. The house across the street underwent a serious fuglification when they put up those orange shutters.
4. I'm'a fuglify you wit' ma' fist!
5. He laughs so fuglily.
6. Your fugliness seeps through even when you are wearing tons of makeup.
by kumugenzobi May 26, 2009
noun -
The process of making something fugly.
As she aged, her face underwent some serious fuglification.
by kumugenzobi May 26, 2009

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